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Project B - Episode 3

2008-01-21 20:59:02 by Athi

Alright, so as many people have been waiting for this, I have finally chosen to create Episode III of Project B. Yes... there's actually more than 3. I plan on making this series at least 5 episodes long, but anyway. The newest episode will be published soon. (as soon as I get my voice actors to do their lines)

First I'd like to thank everyone who has been really supportive over the 2 years that I have made movies. It really helped me develop as an animator and I have also gotten to work for freelance projects.
Secondly I'd like to thank the Clock Crew in particular, because they've made me what I am now.
An animator working at ASM for the past 9 months. I really hope that some time soon I will be able to repay what you guys have done for me.

The past few months have been really instable for me. There were many difficult situations and choices that had to be made. In the end I believe I've chosen the right option for most parts, but than again I can never be sure. When my boyfriend was killed in an accident, I was crushed to tears and I couldn't have gotten back up without the help of "TreeClock" and "ToadClocK" who were really supportive throughout that time. I'm now back on my own feet and thinking about relationships again. Life continues... it doesn't wait for you... so I learned to move on. I've done so with most of the things I've done since than. If I get in trouble or someone has a problem with me, I've learned to fight back... I'm not the person I was a year back.

Whatever happened is over, so it doesn't really matter anymore.
I'm glad that I have such great friends and here is a list of "some" people that I wish to express extra thanks to:

- ToadClock
- SageClock
- TreeClock
- RenegadeClock
- PirateClock
- DwarfinatorClock
- ...

And many more =D

I love you guys <3
Hope to see some of you on MSN.
If you want to add me on MSN, feel free to do so:


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2008-01-23 14:45:01

I voted 5 before watching. I can always count on a ton of action and drama from these. Lot's of energy from the author and the flash. I'd like to see as much energy, or probably more devoted to the plot in your future endeavors but this was great. Good jerb. I hope it gets front page.

Athi responds:

It did :)


2008-01-23 17:54:12

you dont love me? lol

anyway, seems PROJECT B is finaly out. good job, pal.

Athi responds:

*hugs* thankies =3


2008-01-23 17:54:25

i like yo movies!

Athi responds:

*gives a cookie*


2008-01-26 14:27:11

hey, can i be in installment 4? i dont care if im in it for 2 seconds, just being part of this project is epic!

Athi responds:

I'm sure we can sort something out ^-^


2008-03-09 15:27:09

I think you are a great Clock Athi. Keep it up!

Athi responds:

Thanks <3


2008-10-10 10:27:36

Go to hell.