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"I'm sorry Tom" - Movies

2008-04-13 00:52:09 by Athi

Initially these movies were for the solemn purpose of apologizing to Tom Fulp for what the Clock Crew had done during Camel Day. The mass submissions, which caused lots of despair and hate towards the Crew, were an obvious fault made by us.

These "apology" movies are meant to say "sorry" for what the Crew has done, but amazingly enough; it also inspired some people to actually make movies on their own.

I was searching through the portal and suddenly found this:

I watched it and was stunned. It wasn't as much about the fact that it's a movie, but rather that it was something inspired by the Clock Crew. There haven't been many of those type of movies lately, and I found it fascinating. Thank you to Sean Ruediger (Rudy), for making the movie.
I now have faith again, that there are people out there that can draw something useful and funny from the Clock Crew.

As we're talking I'm working on my own Flash Movie to apologize to Tom.
I've not made a Camel Flash, but I want to support this "apology" movement.
Even if it seems like it, the Clock Crew doesn't want to harm or spam the portal.
It's true that very often, artists don't put effort into their work, but that's the artists fault, not the crews :)

You'll see that the Clock Crew isn't what you thought it was. It's actually decent and people there have fun. So I guess I just wanted to thank everyone who supported us for so long <3

Love you guys,


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I hope you die.