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Project B - Ep. 4 : Looking for potential voice actors =3

2008-03-31 14:28:44 by Athi

It's once again the time for the professional voice actors out there to show themselves.
The last sequel of the Project B series is finally getting into place and is expected to be done by
Clock Day 2008. There will be lots of action, a little drama this time and a good story line. (at least I think so)

In order to finish the movie thought, I'd need help from some male characters out there :)
Did you ever want to voice act in an animation project, but you didn't find an animation you wanted to voice? Well if you like the past episodes of Project B, you can now get involved with the last episode and get your voice to represent one of the characters.

What you need to for fill to be legitimate for this?
Well you need the following materials:
- Microphone
- Audio Recording Software
- Voice :3

If you are interested you can drop me a note. You are required to give me a voice sample thought, before I sent you the script. This is so I can first of all tell that you mean business, but also because I can not use everyone's voice. To be able to limit the amount of incoming spots I need to be able to eliminate voices which are obviously impossible to use. Yes... I'm sorry, but I can't use a really high pitch voice on this particular project.

Still, if you are interested and you think you can contribute with good voice acting. You've come to the right place. I also have a special thanks position this time, which allows people to access the profile of you in the movie. That way people will know who voice acted which part. It's a little treat from me to you :3

There is a total of about 10 characters that need voicing.
Some of them have more major roles than others.

While you are open to sample for any character at all, you still need to keep in mind that I can not guarantee that your voice will be used in the final product. It obviously depends on who's voice best fits the character, and who can bring out the emotions / lines the best.

Having said that, I'd like to thank everyone that has already submitted their samples.
I have looked over most of them and I've replied to about half of the once I've received.
If you have not yet gotten an answer, please be patient. I'm not so fast with reviewing and all ^^;

The deadline for all the samples is April 15th.
If you have sent me a sample, but didn't get an answer you are welcome to drop me another note about that. If you got an answer, but not a script, it most likely means that your voice won't fit the characters. In such a case, you'd probably get a second chance or at least an explanation as to why that is.

Thanks to everyone in advance and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this last installment :)
All the best and hope to hear from you ^-^



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2008-03-31 15:32:58

Well, is a great voice actor.
You also have

This is helpful too: rs_Guild/Gallery

Good luck with the movie, also, congratulations with your new award. Byes.

Athi responds:

Thanks :)


2008-03-31 20:48:34

Good luck with the project I liked the previous ones so I bet this one will be the best one.

Athi responds:

Thank you ^^


2008-04-05 05:20:26

Lol I'm such an NG noob I know when Pico Day is but when is Clock Day cos I want to know when you're flash is gonna be submitted.


2008-04-05 05:30:30

I know a guy called Barabas who is offering help for flash artists who need voice recordings for their flashes. His userpage is here:

Maybe he could help you.

Athi responds:

Thank you :)


2008-04-07 20:48:39

Hai thar! :D

Athi responds:

Hi =3


2008-04-09 22:12:42

i wanna voice act :P

Athi responds:

Read the message I sent you :)


2008-04-10 03:27:25

What day is clock-day 08?

Athi responds:

I'm not sure, sorry.
If it's too far away, I'll submit my movie earlier thought :D


2008-10-10 10:26:30

Fuck you


2009-03-19 13:41:13

Hey i need help can u give me a link or name for a program to make games cause i dunnohow to make them but i have a good idea for one.